Commissions and Prints Order

Courtroom Sketches Prints: $30 for 8x10",  $45 for 11x14" giclee on paper. $75 for 11x14" canvas (a popular seller). $150 for 16X20" canvas.  Larger sizes Laser Prints or canvas quoted. Published courtroom sketches  $350 and up. Shipping/handling, taxes may apply. Free delivery to the  downtown courthouses. Military Discount 30% on commissions.

Fine Art Prints prices $200 12x16". Larger sizes quoted. Commissioned Court Sketches:$450 for 19x23" and $ 90 for  6x8" (see details below).

To purchase a sketch on this website, make a note of the date or title and contact me. I will send you payment options in an email.

Courtroom  Sketch Commissions Info

 Are done onsite during your hearing, including all the elements of  a journalist courtroom sketch-- be you judge, defendant, jury or attorney. The painting will have you more prominently portrayed in the drawing, may contain pertinent evidence or witnesses as you prescribe. It's a real courtroom sketch that may even be published by local media.(see sample at left).  San Diego courtrooms 19x23" $450.  $550 outside San Diego County. 

 Quick Sketch 6x8" $60 is a smaller courtroom sketch with less detail, good for short hearings - This will illustrate the judge, flag, seal and client suggested in background with counsel more prominent. (Atticus Finch sample below). $60 San Diego County; $160 Orange, Riverside, Pasadena and LA courthouses.

Courtroom Sketches for Documentaries 

Illustration of courtroom drama done to your specifications. Prices particular to your project. Use of archive courtroom sketches email for price quote.

Most inquiries answered in the same day received. Contact here.

Portraiture and Fine Art

Fine Art

All images on this website can be ordered as prints. 

Portraits are done in studio.  Quick Sketches done in pastel pencil start at $50 9x12" (see sample below). Full color  Pastel $400 16x20" shown on right.  Contact me for more information or to make an appointment.  

Formal Portraits in Oil or Pastel $900 for 16x20" (head). $1300 for 18x24" (torso) Larger work prices quoted. There will be a photo/sketch session required. Even if you are a dog, you will need to pose for at least 100 photos and a twenty minute (rough!) sketch. Four weeks for average portrait size 16x20" needed.

Custom Illustrations

Starting at $350, these paintings in colored pencil, gouache, charcoal, ink or pastel can be a dramatization of your affidavit, an illustration for a story, novel or lecture. Free conversion to digital media of your preference.

Formal Portrait sample below is Pastel 18x24"

Pastel Portrait 16x20" 

Sitting for a portrait without the use of photographs gives the freshest look. This was a 4-hour sitting. 

This minimal color in pastel  in 9x12" is subtle, done in under an hour. From the painting by  Anthony van Dyck at the Timken Art Gallery. Spanish Village Art Center--please make an appointment

Fine Art

Fine Art Images are available as prints. Original art is available only in person, by appointment. For Exhibits see Events Page.